EquityEducators need support to change their perspective and their discourse.

About Our Equity Work

Work in school improvement often focuses on the explicit curriculum, whereas the implicit and hidden curriculums– where educational values are projected– are where most of the truly impactful work needs to be focused.

In order to see substantive change in quantitative outcomes, we must first see substantive change in the ability of educators to identify and address root causes of disparities in achievement related to race, class, language and other societal and institutional barriers.

Our work is founded on making the invisible dominant culture of schools more visible to everyone involved in the education process, in order to create awareness and capacity to adapt existing culture and curriculum to something that works for every student and family that walks through the doors of a school.

By making the invisible dominant culture visible, we can build the capacity of educators, students and families to view policies, practices, and curriculum through a more inclusive lens and support them to make the changes necessary to implement more culturally responsive policies, practices and curriculum.

Educators need support to change their perspective and their discourse. We have seen evidence that by supporting educators to consistently do this, together we can create expanded capacity in our school systems to identify causes versus symptoms and take more effective steps to remedy results.

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